Audiologist crucial in modern lifestyle !!

There is an alarming increase in the noise pollution levels in cities. ‘’A Bangalorean waiting for a train at the Majestic railway station at peak hours will be exposed to 100db whereas the permissible levels are 60-70db,” says audiologist G.Krishnakumar of Rajan Speech and Hearing Centre in Bangalore.

‘’Prolonged exposure to around 90db for about six hours a day can result in permanent hearing loss, and at 110db, the eardrum can rupture.”

Modern lifestyle amplifies the importance of an audiologist to help diagnose hearing impairments and choose the right hearing aid.


Excerpts from an interview with G.Krishnakumar.

Audiology as a career option?
There is a significant increase in the number of people with hearing impairment. We are exposed to high levels of noise pollution. Gadgets also cause havoc.

For instance, many wear headphones during exercise which can be dangerous to hearing. Aerobic exercise diverts blood from the ears to the limbs and leaves the inner ear more vulnerable to damage from loud sound. Hearing loss due to exposure to loud music or noise can be cumulative, gradual and symptomless.

Because of the increased awareness, audiologists are more in demand now. You can read this blog also in The Week magazine.

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