Benefits of Invisible Hearing Aids

Like for every other device used by patients, Hearing aids have witnessed development in achieving compact, convenient and practical technology that enables the patients to carry on their daily tasks without any interference caused by these devices. Invisible hearing aids are an invention with the same intent. These latest and cutting edge digital devices offer huge advantage over their older and bulky counterparts in performance as well as convenience. Virtually invisible to others, they offer confidence, acceptance as well as aesthetic appeal to the patients thereby improving their quality of life.

Technically, invisible hearing aids are devices that go inside the visible part of the ear inside the ear canal and amplify sound. Their placement inside the ear canal makes them almost impossible to be visible.

Although not completely invisible, completely in canal or CIC are customized to perfectly fit the ear along with a colour tone that matches with the skin tone of the patient. It is also beneficial for people who have ear canals that don’t match the size of existing hearing aids, or engage in activities that require them to remove or conceal their hearing aid devices.

Athletes, TV actors, employees at front desk and other similar individuals greatly benefit from completely in-canal hearing aids and work like normally abled people in their respective professions. Completely in-canal hearing aids is a blessing for children as they don’t have to face or deal with the social stigma of being differently abled, hence playing a positive role in their personality development and social skills.

Benefits of invisible hearing aids

Enhanced Comfort
CIC hearing aids are great for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss. For patients with ability to perceive sound, CIC can help them achieve increased ability to hear along with enhanced comfort.

Sound Orientation Sense
Invisible hearing aids are able to pick more sound in a natural way as they are designed to mimic the way the sound naturally bounces inside the ears. An added advantage of this is that it enables the person using them figure out the direct of sound and its source.

Better phone receptivity
Another great advantage always mentioned by patients using CIC is the ability to use a mobile phone without having to deal with the annoying whistling sound also known as feedback.

Automatic Volume Control
Many CIC come equipped with automatic volume control feature that is adaptive to the environment. It can help in improving hearing capacity by offering the ability to distinguish speech and background noise. This feature also nullifies sudden loud noises that can further damage the inner ear.

No need to constantly adjust the device
A common problem faced by many patients using external hearing aids is the need to adjust their hearing aid to enable it to function properly. Invisible hearing aids are much more stable as they are placed in the ear canal, where they sit in the bony part of the ear canal and don’t need constant adjusting and can withstand jerks and shocks arising from physical activities like sports.

Invisible Hearing Aids in Bangalore
Invisible hearing aids offer many distinct benefits over its bulky and big sized counterparts. Many leading Digital Hearing Aids Centers in Bangalore like Hearfon offer invisible hearing aids consultation and latest technology in CIC to improve the hearing ability as well as life of patients with hearing disabilities.

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