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Hearing aids spend most of the time in an environment, which is hostile for electronics. The temperature and humidity levels within our own ear canals can be problematic. Though you may take regular care of your hearing aids and keep up with regular maintenance, time takes its toll on all technology, and it’s possible that your hearing aid will eventually wear out through the course of normal use.

Hearfon has launched Service First a initiative to ensure minimum down time for your hearing aid. Our hi-tech lab is equipped with the best of the equipment’s and technical team to service your hearing aids in case of any unexpected surprises.


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A few frequently Asked questions Answered.

How Much Do Hearing Aid Repairs Cost?

The cost to fix a broken or damaged hearing aid would differ based on a few things like whether the hearing aid is still under warranty, how damaged the device is, and the cost of replacement parts for your unit.

If you bought your hearing system from Hearfon and it is still under warranty, your repair costs will likely be minimal unless there is a breakage/battery leakage or exposure to water. Hearing aids that are no longer under warranty may cost a little more to fix. Cracked or broken shells on custom-molded devices can be expensive, but in some cases, these cracks can be repaired.

Are hearing aids easily broken?

The hearing aids available nowadays are small and light and therefore the internal components are delicate and any excessive force applied to the device may crack the outer shell, which is likely to compromise its function permanently. Internal components might be moisture resistant, but submersion can still permanently damage the unit

How do I know if my hearing aids are broken?

Only device diagnostics by an expert can determine that.

How or what would cause damage to a Hearing aid?

Swimming or showering without first removing your devices can cause damage, as most hearing aids are not rated to withstand water. Dropping them on hard surfaces would also damage them.

Can all types of Damaged hearing aids be repaired?

It takes a hearing aid expert to properly diagnose a damaged hearing aid, but you can assume your hearing aids are beyond repair if:

  1. Your devices are more than four to Five years old.Hearing aids typically last for Four to five years. If your hearing aids are beyond four years old, repair needs are likely to pile up, in which case it makes more financial sense to get some new hearing aids
  2. The damage is visible.Although the damage may not be as bad as it looks, if your hearing aid has been stepped on or smashed in some other way, it may be unfixable.
  1. Your hearing aids have an extensive repair history.If your hearing aid has undergone multiple repairs for the same or different issues, it may be beyond saving. Much like a totaled car, a hearing aid needing that many fixes to be functional may simply no longer be worth the repair cost, and it may make more sense financially to invest in some new units.

A manufacturer’s warranty essentially states that the product should work for as long as the warranty lasts — nothing beyond that is guaranteed. Balancing the cost of repairs with the cost of a new system (and how it will benefit your life) can be tricky, but our practice can help you determine a proper course of action after diagnosing the damage and estimating repair costs.

If you’re having any trouble with your hearing aids, please contact us at HearFon We’re more than happy to help you get your devices back in working order, or to help you determine what options are available to fix your broken hearing aid.

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