Invisible Hearing AidInvisible is in. If you’re putting off getting hearing aids until they become invisible, then the IIC are for you. Tiny but powerful, these advanced instruments feature our latest digital technology.

It is custom made for an individual ear, the deeper position of the hearing aid allows for several technical advantages

Here is a solution to all those who say they will never be caught wearing a hearing aid. HearFon is excited to introduce the world’s first invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid at their centre. These invisible hearing aids can be fitted for patients with moderate to severe hearing loss.

The hearing aid has got several new looks but had a dark side of being visible and not having a better fit making the wearer feel uncomfortable. But an IIC is not visible as it is custom-made to an individual ear canal after taking a mould of the patient’s ear. It is designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health and works great on the phone; it gives natural sounding and virtually no whistling or buzzing

Audiologist and Director of HearFon G. Krishnakumar says, “The invisible hearing aid is undetectable, and designed with our most advanced hearing technologies, You get all the features and benefits you want in a digital hearing aid minus the visual stigma that comes with wearing one.”

The invisible hearing aid is a “deep canal” aid, meaning it rests comfortably in the second bend of your ear canal. It is digital and programmable, this results in a completely invisible hearing and filter out unwanted background noise and improve listening in noisy environments and provide a comfortable, made-for-you fit. Talk to our audiologists about the new invisible hearing aid.

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