Hearing Examination

Hearing Screening Examination is an easy and quick procedure

At HearFon we believe in personalized attention when it comes to hearing health care which is why we start off with a detailed case history process and hearing examination.

At HearFon the hearing examination is an easy and quick procedure. Our expert audiologists will conduct a detailed examination through a battery of tests and reports would be generated instantly. Our latest and hi-tech equipment’s will give us a quick insight of your problem and generate reports that would help in identifying the right device for treatment.

This allows us to examine the physical health of your eardrums and canal. The detailed case history will be followed by a screening procedure which involves examination through a Video otoscopy instrument. This is critical to rule out the following.

  • Fluid accumulation in outer and middle ear
  • Excessive deposition of ear wax
  • Perforation on ear drums
  • Abnormalities in ear canal
  • Infection

The detailed hearing screening and case history process will be followed by a Hearing examination and our specialists will advice you accordingly.

Communications plays an important role in the social interaction which is part of an active lifestyle and hearing is the key to good communication

Many people sacrifice up to 7 years of good hearing because they do not acknowledge their hearing loss. Seven years of easy conversation, clear sounds, better living and socialization are lost. Therefore we recommend that everyone above 50 years of age should book an appointment for the FREE hearing Check.

One could also undertake our Online Hearing Check which would be the first step towards a detailed hearing test.

The other symptoms of hearing loss which require your attention would be as follows:

  • Do you find it hard to understand conversation in busy places
  • Do you have to raise the volume of the TV too high?
  • Is it hard to focus on the beginning of a statement?
  • Do you find it difficult to tell where sound is coming from
  • If you often feel left out in conversations among friends


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