Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Kids

It has found that many children are diagnosed late in life for their developmental problems due to these corrective majors are unsuccessful. We have realized that early intervention in these children’s Speech and Hearing Therapy Specialist can make a major difference in life.

Hearfon has a team of trained professionals for the assessments and therapies for children with developmental delays.  The key phases of speech therapy growth are as follows

0-3 months

Does Your Child:

  • Stir or awaken when sleeping quietly and someone talks
  • Recognize your voice and settle when you talk to them
  • Sometimes startle or jump when there is a very loud sound, like a cough, or a dog bark
  • Make pleasure sounds
  • Have different cries for different needs
  • Smile when they see you

4-6 months

Does Your Child:

  • Babble for attention, use speech-like sounds including p, b, and m
  • Turn their head toward voices and interesting sounds
  • Enjoy toys that make sounds when left alone
  • Participate in social games like “peek-a-boo”

7-12 months

Does Your Child:

  • Respond to their name
  • Imitate different speech sounds
  • Understand a few names of people and objects
  • Use gestures such as pointing, shaking head for “no”, and waving “bye-bye”
  • Use one or two words even though they may not be clear

1-2 years

Does Your Child:

  • Directly turn to a nearby sound
  • Use different consonant sounds at the beginning of words
  • Follow simple directions (“go get your dress”), and point to pictures in a book
  • Understand simple questions and works without your help (pointing to the object)
  • Say more words each month, use “no” or “not”, and ask questions
  • Put two words together(“look doggie”, “juice mommy”)

2-3 years

Does Your Child:

  • Continue to notice sounds (dog barking, children playing)
  • Understand simple concepts (stop-go, up-down, big-little)
  • Follow simple stories in books
  • Understand two-step requests (“pick up the book and give it to daddy”)
  • Have a word for almost everything and use sentences sometimes with as many as five words
  • Take a number of turns in conversation

3-4 years

Does Your Child:

  • Hear you when you call from another room
  • Seem to hear sounds at the same loudness levels as other family members (television, music, etc.)
  • Usually use sentences that have four or more words and understand questions like “what if…” and “how”
  • Talk about their daily activities
  • Follow longer stories
  • Says most sounds correctly

4-5 years

Does Your Child:

  • Hear and understood most of what is said in their preschool, school and home environments
  • Understand the rules of conversation (listening and taking turns)
  • Tell a story and stick to the topic
  • Communicate easily with other children and adults

Our team of qualified and experienced speech pathologists would spend time with you and your child for a detailed evaluation in order to find out if there is a problem and if so, what to do next?
Depending on the severity of the problem and other factors a therapy plan would be drawn up for your child and you would be detailed about the therapy techniques to be adopted, and the course of the therapy.
HearFon also provides services to people who are unable to talk, or to talk clearly as a result of conditions such as cerebral palsy, strokes, acquired brain damage or intellectual impairment or anyone whose speech is not clear enough to allow them to communicate. These people usually know more words than they are able to say. We at HearFon understand this and accordingly assess each client’s communication needs and abilities and try to find some means of communication for such people.
Over the years HearFon has earned tremendous good will for its dedication towards Speech and Hearing Therapy Specialist  Health Care.
At  HearFon a patient is securely assured of World class professional services and unmatched privileges at all times.

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