Dr.Girish Karnad

Dr.Girish Karnad: A contemporary Writer,Screenwriter,actor and Movie Director.He is the recipient of Jnanpith Award,the highest literary honor conferred in India.He has also been conferred a honorary doctorate by University of Southern California.

Dr Girish Karnad , 73, says: ‘I gradually lost my hearing a few years ago and was missing parts of conversations with family Members and in group discussions.I was facing difficulties in real life until a friend of mine refereed me to Rajan’s.
People never speak about their hearing problems, mainly because there is still so much stigma attached to hearing loss and too many jokes told about something that really isn’t funny.

“By launching this Infant hearing screening program I want to get people talking about hearing difficulties and early identification and rehabilitation of people with hearing aids.’

I have been using hearing aids for sometime now and with passing of time iam enjoying the quality and richness of sounds in life. In large gatherings following a conversation can be difficult because so many people are talking in different directions but with the latest digital hearing aids –a technological wonder it becomes easier to focus on one person in particular because all other sounds are less disturbing. The specialists at Rajan’s have been helpful in helping me get adjusted to the hearing aids.

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