The batteries are the most important component of your hearing aid. If the battery is not working, then the hearing aid is almost useless. You will not be able to turn the hearing aid on, which means that you will not hear.

The most common battery problem that you come across will be losing charge. This can be easily sorted by replacing it with a new battery. However, before replacing we must ensure that the battery does not have any charge left. If it does and the hearing aid is not working still, then it indicates a problem with the device itself. 

So how do you test if a battery is working or not? We can either test it with the hearing aids or with a battery tester. For checking with a hearing aid, simply insert the battery in the correct position and close the battery door. Lift the aid to your ear and listen for any squealing sounds. If you are not able to hear any, then the battery would probably be dead. To make sure it is not an aids problem, you can check the battery with other aids too. If both devices do not work, then it is probably faulty. The second option is to get a battery tester online. Just slide the battery onto the tester and you will get to see the battery charge on the display. This method helps you to see how much power the battery has left. An alternative primitive method would be to drop the battery onto a plain surface. If the battery bounces more, it is probably out of charge. If it does not bounce much, it does have a charge.

In case the battery is dead, then one must change the hearing aid batteries. You can follow the steps below to change the hearing aid batteries.

  • Remove the old batteries from your hearing aid

  • Take the new batteries out of the packet and peel off the label

  • Wait for a few minutes to let the air activate the battery (this is a key step in elongating the battery life as it activates the battery fully)

  • Insert the battery into the battery chamber, ensuring the charges match those indicated on the hearing aid

  • Close the battery chamber and turn on your hearing aid

Batteries will last up to 10 to 12 days maximum. Once you run out of batteries, you can get them from your hearing aid clinic/ dispenser. You can always ask the Audiologist about the places where hearing aid batteries are available. Since they come in different sizes for different hearing aids, make sure you ask the Audiologist about the right battery size.

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