The number of hearing aid users has increased over the past few years. A hearing aid is not only making life easier for persons who have lost their hearing but also making life more fun and safer. However, hearing aids like other electrical equipment or instruments, require extra attention because they are prone to damage from various factors. When the damage happens, the hearing aid has to be taken to the hearing aid clinic for repair and servicing.

So how do we know if a hearing aid needs repair?

  1. No output from the hearing aid/ hearing aid not working.

If there is no output, then try changing the batteries. If the problem persists, check whether the tubing is proper. If the tube is closed because of wax, there is a chance that the hearing aid does not produce any sound. So, changing the tubing or cleaning the openings would help. If the problem still persists after you have eliminated all the possibilities, you must contact an audiologist.

  1. Physical damages

Wear and tear on your hearing aid's components might impair its fit and performance. Cracks in the model shells, worn-out tubing, or even a broken case or hearing aid body are examples of physical flaws. These flaws must be addressed immediately to avoid costly repairs later. Any physical damage to the hearing aid charger should be brought to the attention of the Audiologist. The little bits are easily fixed in the hearing aid clinic.

  1. Unnecessary sounds

A persistent unnecessary sound could be caused by a problem with your hearing device, an improperly fitted earpiece, or the presence of wax in your ears. If you continuously hear those sounds, remove the hearing aid wipe your ears, and then put it back. If this does not help, there may be a problem with the device, and you should consult your Audiologist.

  1. Intermittent hearing aid problems

Intermittent disturbances in the hearing aid may be because of wax accumulation or issues with the battery. Do proper cleaning of hearing aids and check for a few more days. If the problem still exists, then consult the Audiologist.

  1. Not hearing properly

At first, one must check for tubing and wax accumulation. Accumulation of wax can diminish the volume. So, changing the tubing or cleaning the hearing aid would probably resolve the problem. However, if the problem persists then consult your Audiologist.

In addition, sometimes there is a slight possibility that your hearing loss might have increased, and it could be a reason why you would feel like your hearing aid is not benefitting. Hence, it is advised to get your hearing tested every six months and to tune your hearing aids based on the findings.

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