Disclosing Your Hearing Loss At Work

Disclosing Your Hearing Loss At Work

The challenge of not being able to hear your co-worker is not something that can be taken lightly when communication is an essential factor for work. The smooth flow at work does need timely updates and conversations with your colleagues become difficult when you experience a hearing loss. Remember that miscommunication can hinder your work and may lead to work failure.

In these scenarios, it is advised that you disclose your hearing loss at your workplace. Although this is important, it is still a personal choice. The point is to get it out front so that you and your colleagues can together work out a solution to accommodate your lost hearing.

Most of the time, you may assume that since you ask for a lot of repetition your colleagues will be aware of the fact that you have a hearing loss. But it may not always be the case. And because of this, you might miss out on important information at your workplace, and this can even affect your job. While disclosing your hearing loss will not make you any different from your peer group nor change your record of achievements and hard work. In fact, your hard work will continue and moreover, it might improve as your peers learn to accommodate your hearing loss.

Maybe that front seat in a meeting is helpful for you during a talk, maybe a personalized microphone can help you attend your interview better. When you openly talk about it, it allows you to ask for assistance that you need and even makes asking for repetitions and clarifications much easier for yourself. That feeling of awkwardness is then eliminated. Thus, you become even more productive.

The pressure to hear everything clearly is taken off from your shoulder and the relief is immeasurable. Also, sharing your vulnerabilities makes you a stronger person, more authentic,c and more accepted.

It is indeed quite hard to break out of your comfort shell and make yourself vulnerable out there at your workplace. But why would you resist when it is going to reward you well. Let yourself grow in an accepting work environment.

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