Can You Restore Your Hearing?

Can You Restore Your Hearing?

It is frustrating when you cannot hear the sounds around you. As the hearing recedes, you will start facing difficulties in engaging in conversations or even in watching that favorite show of yours. At this point, you would prioritize finding a way out of this problem. But the point is, can you restore your lost hearing?

Well, it depends on the type of hearing loss that you have. While some hearing loss occurs due to ear infections which are reversible, the others due to sensory or neural issues are quite irreversible in most cases. The loss due to infection is called Conductive hearing loss and the loss due to any sensory or neural issue within your auditory system is called Sensorineural hearing loss. Hence, it is very important to undergo an audiological evaluation to see the type of hearing loss that you developed before you start with the management.

Your signs and symptoms talk a lot about the type of hearing loss too. If you feel like there is a blocking sensation in your ear, ear discharge, ear pain, or irritation, the chances are that you have acquired a conductive hearing loss. If the loss is due to some accident, sudden noise exposure, or side effects of a medicine and is associated with dizziness and ringing sound in your ear, the chances are that your hearing loss is a sensorineural type.

As mentioned, reversing a conductive loss is way easier than reversing sensorineural loss which is more or less permanent. However, it is nothing to be worried out. Hearing aids are the best options for such hearing loss, and they can compensate for your lost hearing. They are a non-invasive alternative and can easily be programmed to meet the hearing needs of the individual so that you do not have to feel that you have a hearing loss at all. It is as simple as that. A cochlear implant, which is an invasive procedure, can also serve the purpose of hearing loss to a greater degree. Hopefully, soon stem cell research, viral therapy, and gene therapy should bring an end to sensorineural hearing loss.

So it must be remembered that not all types of hearing loss can be reversed and that if it cannot be reversed, you can always compensate for your lost hearing with a good hearing aid. Consult our specialist today.

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