Hearing is one of our most important senses, and we rely on our hearing every day for everything. If that sense is affected, then a hearing test by an audiologist can determine whether you need hearing aids for communication. Once the testing is done your audiologist will help you in selecting an appropriate hearing aid. After the selection of the hearing aid, the Audiologist will schedule a hearing aid fitting to make sure the hearing aid is tailored to your specific needs. Hearing aid fitting is important because it is the first session for you to learn how to care for your devices, insert and remove them, clean them, etc.

  1. Make sure the hearing aids fit

Audiologists must make sure that the hearing aid fits properly in the client's ear. The best fit in the ear canal will give patients comfort and will give the best sound experience. If the tip is not fitted properly then there will be whistling sounds. There is also a chance of hearing aids falling while doing physical activities. To eliminate this problem, an audiologist may prescribe an ear mold.  

  1. Hearing aid programming

Following the right fit, the Audiologist will program your hearing aids to meet your unique hearing loss needs. They will program the hearing aids to ensure that the settings and volume levels are appropriate for your needs and preferences. The hearing aids will then be placed in your ear while they are switched on. You'll be able to detect if they're working properly at this point.

  1. Learning about your instruments

Hearing aid fitting is also a perfect opportunity to learn how they operate. This would include learning about their parts, their functioning, and also basic troubleshooting procedures. This ensures that you can manage any basic trouble that occurs with the hearing aids. The Audiologist will brief you about the same.

  1. An opportunity to ask questions

This session ensures that you have all your doubts clarified. It is quite possible that you have a few and you would have noted them down already. Be sure to open up to the Audiologist and discuss all your concerns and issues. The Audiologist wants you to be happy with your new device and will be glad to help you, including answering all your lingering questions that you have about the hearing aid. You can even ask them to repeat if you have not understood anything clearly.

Thus, a hearing aid fitting session will ensure that the hearing aid is perfectly tailored to your communication needs and that all your doubts are clarified so that you leave the clinic as a happy customer.

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