Definition of hearing aid domes

People who are buying the hearing aid will come across the term “Hearing Aid Domes”. It is a soft, little bell-shaped piece of plastic that is placed at the tip of the hearing aids, especially the receiver in the canal hearing aids. The dome is attached to the tubing on the hearing aid, and it fits snugly inside your ear. 

A hearing aid dome will help to direct the boosted sound signal coming from the hearing device to the ear canal. This will allow greater sound and frequency detection with fewer unwanted external sounds. However, hearing aid domes do not come in universal sizes. Hence, each individual must work with the Audiologist to find the right type of dome that fits them perfectly

There are three basic models of hearing aid domes and each of them has its purpose to fulfill.

  • Open domes have openings or holes which allow some natural sounds to enter the ear canal. This will also help the low-frequency sounds escape, thus improving sound quality. Open domes are usually prescribed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Closed domes block more area of the ear canal than an open dome. This will help to amplify the low-frequency sounds which reach the ear canal. This dome is usually prescribed for those with moderate hearing loss.
  • Power domes are the third type of domes which provide a complete seal of the ear canal. It is difficult for the sounds to escape power domes and hence they allow maximum amplification of the sound with the least dissipation. Such domes are prescribed for individuals with severe loss.

Importance of hearing aid domes in improving hearing experience

Once the correct size dome is chosen; the next important step is to select the right size. Domes are of different sizes and diameters and an Audiologist must ensure that the fit is adequate for each client. The ear dome should be just big enough such that it forms a snug fit in the ear canal but not so big that it becomes too uncomfortable or puts pressure on the ear. If the selected dome is large, one can experience pain and the sounds heard will be too deep. If the dome is too small, it may fall out of place very easily and will not provide adequate sound quality.

Ear domes have to be changed once every two months ideally or when the Audiologist recommends one to do so. Replacing them consistently will ensure the best functioning and sound quality from the hearing aids.

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