Why Does My Ear Feel Blocked or Clogged?

Why Does My Ear Feel Blocked or Clogged?

Have you ever felt that muffling after a long flight or a very loud party? Or even like water moving within your ears after a good swim? If yes, what you have experienced is what we call a blocking sensation in the ear or simply ear clogging.  However, these are temporary, and, in a few hours, everything will be back to normal. But there are more severe permanent situations which you have to be worried about because that affects your hearing. In such conditions, you would still feel the muffling even with a very clear ear canal.

Well, there are several reasons as to why you experience this and, in this blog, we will be dealing with those reasons and how to rectify it.

The first reason would be as simple as that of an excessive earwax build-up. Sometimes, this natural lubricant does not naturally fall out of the ear and can become impacted, thus affecting your ability to hear. Physician consultation is necessary to remove the ear wax and the removal will bring your hearing back to normal. You must not use a cotton swab for wax removal and there is a huge chance of pushing the wax further inside the ear canal.

Another reason for ear clogging would be the presence of fluid in the ear. This can occur because of infections that has to be treated by an ENT doctor or even because of a long swimming, bathing or even a moist environment. A simple technique to remove water in such cases would be to tilt your head sideways and to pull your ear gently. A yawn or a chew or even holding your nose and blowing gently can help in pushing the fluid out and opening the ear.

The third reason would be sinus pressure due to sinusitis. It causes the Eustachian tube to swell, and it closes the middle ear cavity, putting pressure on the eardrum. These are mainly allergic in origin and timely medication will solve this temporary problem.

The most common cause of ear clogging in the present population would be excessive noise exposure, and most likely occurs after listening to music at high volumes for a longer duration or after a loud party. Being near a bursting firecracker can also result in clogging of the ear. These symptoms usually clear within 1-2 days, however, you must consult an audiologist if it persists for a longer duration.

In addition to the above-mentioned causes, certain diseases like Meniere’s would also show a symptom of ear blocking along with ringing in the ear, dizziness and hearing loss. Even in case of anxiety and stress, you may experience ear blocking due to the variation in blood flow towards the ear. So hence, you must watch out for these symptoms as they occur and get treated if they persist.

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