5 Reasons Why Your Hearing Aids Are Whistling?

5 Reasons Why Your Hearing Aids Are Whistling?

Troubleshooting hearing aids is an easy task. Yes, it might seem a little complicated at first. But with use comes ease. You may not always be able to access an Audiologist for help, hence you must learn the basic troubleshooting techniques for your hearing aid. And speaking about troubleshooting, the most common complaint that is raised by a client is the whistling or feedback from a hearing aid. Why is it so? Is there a solution? Do you need an Audiologist’s help to resolve it? Well, you are about to find out.

Some of the few reasons why your hearing aid is whistling could be a high volume, a poor fit, a tube that is broken, a faulty microphone, or even the presence of excessive ear wax. Solving any of these possible reasons means that your hearing aid would start functioning normally. Now we will see how to solve each of these problems.

A poor fit is nothing but a lack of seal of your ear tip or earmold. This makes the sound escape from the ear canal and re-enters the hearing aid’s microphone. It can be because they are large or because they change shape over time. In case of a large tip or earmold, you will have to contact our specialist to change the ear tip or earmould. Remember that even weight gain or weight loss can affect fit.

A high volume can also cause the sound to re-enter the microphone and cause whistling. The solution would be to reduce the volume using the volume button or get the hearing aid reprogrammed by the Audiologist. A broken tubing also contributes to the poor fitting and thus changing the tube of the hearing aid means stopping the feedback

In case of excessive ear wax, the sound is not transmitted adequately, and it bounces back to the microphone which leads to feedback. So, get the ear cleaned and try your hearing aid once again to see if it is whistling. Another possibility to be mentioned is the faulty microphone. In such a scenario, the solution is to visit our center and get the hearing aid repaired.

In case of any difficulty with the hearing aid, always feel free to contact us for guidance.

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